I'm planning on buying an acoustic guitar, and have almost no knowledge on acoustics, I've been playing for 2 years now, with my electric Godin Detour. I play punk, post-hardcore mostly. I'd like to get an acoustic to play stuff by like Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I've got around $170. Probably want a dreadnought, and can anybody tell me abou cutaways? Do they effect the sound? Advantages, Disadvantages? And Suggestions? THANK YOU UG.

PS. Please don't hate, i know i'm noob.
First things first, get the notion out of your head that any one particular acoustic guitar is going to be better for a specific genre. If you're good enough, it doesn't make a difference.

Look at Yamaha or Alvarez in your price range. From my experience, those are two of the best brands for cheaper guitars, though more people prefer Yamaha for their consistent construction.

I've never noticed a major difference in sound quality with a cutaway, though in theory you should lose a bit of volume and tone due to less wood being used in the construction. Again, its nothing noticeable by most everyone there, but they do cost more and usually come with electronics.

And, much like everyone else will tell you, just go to a music store and try out as many guitars as you possibly can. Pick the one that sounds and feels best to you. I figure if you pick one thats a little out of your price range, why not just save up a bit longer to get the one you REALLY want.
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If you want to try buying from a pawnshop you can sometimes find really nice guitars for a cheap price. Wood, cut offs can all make minor differences but when it comes down to it.. it's what you think sounds and feels best to you. I like using my acoustic for practicing, it has alot more tension than my electrics as most acoustics will, but you can always find one with less tension too. Oh and if you do buy from a pawn shop, I've seen some places sell obvious fakes, usually inside the sound hole is all rough (not sanded down) and you can just tell that its not real or made very well at all.
first off: dont think your gonna get the guitar you think before you try a few out

i wanted a dreadnought to begin with but i set a grand auditorium on my lap and played a few notes and just fell in love with the tone

so just go to a guitar center or something and sit down with a few make sure its a good fit