Ill try to articulate this without coming across as a total dumbass...

When my band recorded our albums we never used a metronome. My former guitarist who is no longer in the band was sort of a guitar pro wizard and wrote out all of our songs including the drums on guitar pro. Now that he is gone I am not competent enough to write with guitar pro and am trying to find another good way to develope a metronome or a beat to record to....

here is my question: Is there a program that will create a beat or click as you play/record? Something that makes a metronome or beat instead of having to create a drum track or click track
With technology as it is Im fairly certain there is something like that but i figure it would be easier to ask someone who knows. And I would love to know how you guys create click tracks and/or beats to record to. Thanks for your time.
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All the programs have a click track option when recording built in. If I understood that right. What program are we talking? The click starts after you hit record if it's set.
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Yep just about any program out there...even Audacity, (although it does it in a strange way)...will generate a click for you to record two.

Sonar Studio/Producer I know allows you to have the click play back during recording, playback, or both.
Yeah...I know that and I know how to generate a click track but my problem is creating a click track with the appropriate time signature and having it be a pain in the ass with songs with multiple time signatures. Im just wondering if there is something that creates a click or beat to the recording of one rough guitar track....then there would be a click or beat with perfect timing that I could go back and lay down guitar tracks. Cheers!
I think you can change the tempo and TS at key points along the timeline but I'm not sure how to do this off the top of my head in Reaper. Have a look over the manual and see what you can find.

I have no clue how to use GarageBand as I've never had the chance to fire up and play around with that software on the mac yet. I will say though that it seems similar to Audacity and in a simple program like that, you can't change the time signature.