Someone posted this site with a fake earlier. Obviously they are all fake items for the prices they are at, but was just curious if anyone had any experience with this website. Is the site a scam or are they just producing some cheap decent looking fakes? And if so are the fakes decent? Or complete garbage? I feel like for the price who cares? Seems like everything is listed $298-$325

Seriously considering ordering a faux bass like this faux rickenbacker or faux jazz bass



EDIT:Also sorry is there is another about this site, other than the one that didnt touch on this at all that recently got locked I couldn't find another in the search bar. If there is sorry...
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If you want to spend $400 (you have to add the almost $100 shipping) on a wall ornament, go for it.

There's a 99% chance these things are made of plywood, and the fretboards are brown painted wood. The hardware could easily be pot metal (meaning the stuff in the bottom of the pot that gets recycled because it's so shitty) sprayed chrome and will wear off after awhile and you'll have a nice discolored hardware...

I could go on.
i've wondered the same thing, really. i really wonder what i would get. would i get a decent and semi-convincing les paul standard? or would i get 10 pounds of weights in a big cardboard box?

until i win the lottery and get tired of using money as toilet paper i won't know. i'd love to know if somebody really has tried these places though. honestly i really doubt you'd get anything at all.
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it says in the description that all of the guitars/bass' are made with mahogany or maple bodies, with maple necks and rosewood or maple fretboards. But i still don't really know what to believe

EDIT:Also didn't realize the shipping. **** ordering from beijing
are you stupid?

no, seriously, are you stupid?

did you read that thread at all?

i mean you obviously saw it was closed, what could possibly have made you thought it would be a good idea to make a new one? they are obvious fakes pretending to be the real thing, which is illegal. we dont need to give them more press for their schemes. if you want to order one, go ahead, but dont make a thread about those sites.