Hey all, new member here. Used the site for ages as a lurker but couldn't find the answer to this already here, or anywhere for that matter.

Basically, I've been looking at the Fernandes Sustainer for a long time, asked around my local guitar store if they could install one, to which I never receieved a reply from (makes me wonder they can't/don't want to try it!) because I was told it requires a lot of routing which I'm not comfortable doing, because I've no experience in routing/woodwork before.

However, tonight I find out about the Sustainiac, and while it costs a little more, claims that there is little to no routing needed, just wiring. Now, I have a little experience with wiring, so I can read diagrams, comfortable with a soldering iron, and if need be, my grandad's a trained electrician too, so could easily help out with any little bits. Basically, I'm wondering if anyone who's had experience in installing a Sustainiac could tell me if they think someone in my position could install one myself, without having to pay extra to have it put in there?

I've found nothing to really determine the difficulty of the electronics for it, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.