For a year I've been trying to emulate a tone that resembles The Raconteurs. I own an SG G-400 with the standard humbuckers. I've been considering getting a Valvetronix because of the variety of tones it offers. Since the AC15 strictly specializes in this type of sound and it does a great job, I'm uncertain which to go for.

This is the tone i seek:

Also I'd like an amp that can match the loudness of my lead guitarist's tube powered Line6 Spidervalve.
What would be the best option for me between Valvetronix and AC15?
Are there any other amps that fit this tone?
Unless you're talking about a high wattage valvetronix, neither one is going to get as loud as a Spider Valve, but out of thee two, the AC15 is most definitely the better sounding amp as long as you're doing lighter stuff.
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Well to me that sounds like they're going for a fuzzy 60's sound, a la the Kinks...? Also reminds me a bit of Cream and other contemporary bands. In any case, it all comes out of a Vox AC30, and the closest thing to that being the AC15, as you have correctly said... so that's what I would go for. Having said that, those valvetronix things aren't bad at all. The VT might offer a bit more variety...?

PS - which exact sort of AC15 are you talking about - the CC1, the C1 or the VR?
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I hope I'm not wrong here, but it seems to me that the AC30 is a higher-powered amp than the AC 15- Wouldn't it be more capable of giving you the volume you need?
As for the tone, as seemeel said,
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...it all comes out of a Vox AC30, and the closest thing to that being the AC15, as you have correctly said...

For all the difference it would make, wouldn't the tone be similar enough? Is there some reason the AC 30 isn't up for consideration on your shortlist?
AC15 + more efficient speaker.

AC15VR and more efficient speaker actually, would be a good idea. Or an Ac30VR.