I have Cubase 5 and whenever i playback, it always sounds messed up. It records perfectly fine. But whenever i play back what i recorded, 75% of the time, the playback of the recording sounds really choppy and "pixallated" if that makes sense. Can anyone help me in correcting this?
Sounds like your computer is struggling.

If you don't mind; how much RAM do you have? And what's your sound card? And processor speed?

Also, how are you getting the signal into your computer?
I had the exact same problem with reaper because I was using the basic drivers that come with my device then I did a bit of research and downloaded asio4all universal drivers and that fixed the problem completely give it a try couldn't hurt. link http://www.asio4all.com/
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Hmmm, well i have like 166 GB free. Idk sound card or processor speed thouggh :/ Dual core maybe? Im not sure. Im using a Yamaha Audiogram 6 as my interface.