i made this song in an indie program which and by no means sound professional but its quality is good enough i dont kniw if to attach the file or what but if u cant hear it in here go to my myspace page:

Tell me what you think what could i do to make it better etc
and by the way i know there are mistakes but its hard recording only with a pod an indie program and presets of drums thanks
This actually sounds pretty rad... not a fan of the reverb-laden (intentionally or not) vocals though. clean that up, I reckon. Guitar work is pretty damn good though.
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Holy crap, check this out!
thanks man yeah the vocals are mine that day were nastily rough hahaha plus like I said the program i used didnt help me at all but i think it was probably my lack of knowledge of how to use it because if i didnt put that Nasty reverb they for some reason will sound sterile i kind of need to learn how to equalize and mix the vocals.
Thanks for watching I appreciate your feedback =)