Ok so i recently started playing in C-standard on my Alexi- 200 (love the tones) and i cannot find the god damn strings i bought when i first got the guitar.

The local guitar center gave me a 7 string set on accident when i was getting 12-56's and having the 60 gauge on the low string is PERFECT for this tuning, i think it was a 10-60 7 string set D'Addario but i CANNOT find this set on any website and i really want this set or a set similar to it (13-60). Any suggestions people? i've checked Guitar Center's site and MusiciansFriend
I use a D'Addario 10-59 for B-Standard. They have it at Guitar Center. I've never managed to get a 60, even though I want it. I hate not having a baritone...
I couldn't find 7 string 10-60's or 6 string 13-60's, but I did find 6 string 10-60's here
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Im looking for a Wound 3rd string, this is a BEAUTIFUL set and its a pity i can't find it

edit: i can't even find the set on the D'addario site... its very very odd but i'm almost for certain it was D'Addario, 10-13-17-26-36-52-60? i'm guessing? i am trying to compare sizing based on some of the singles i have sitting around
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The jazz medium 13s have a wound 3rd, I use it for drop C on my EC1000 (shorter scale)
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Jim dunlop sell a Zakk Wylde Set that go
'10 13 17 36 52 60'

But that jump between the D and the G is monsterous.
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This eBay store is where i get my custom gauge strings from, they're pretty reliable, and have loads of different types.
Heres a pack of 13 - 62 baritone, and they sell single 60's too, i've bought a couple for my 7 string

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well i'm just all ****ed up, I'm looking to tune low but i want a VERY hard tension, im just trying to figure out what guages the individuals are so i can get them, what do you guys think it would be? 13-17-26w-36-52-60? does that sound about right?
i would go to 70 but i'm setting it up on a Floyd Rose and that would just destroy it, but do you think the guage that i posted makes sense? thats all im wondering ATM
no it's off there's only a 8 gauge jump between the 5th and the 6th string
you'd want to go at least 65
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Im starting to like that idea honestly, or even dropping to a 13-56 so i can use my Trembolo a little more fluidly, but thank you so much for that link, what i've been looking for EXACTLY!
how low are you tuning? i've never been able to get a tremolo to get along with big strings.
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C Standard... yea thats insane for a Floyd i know. I've got all 4 springs in the back set up and its ridiculously tight
Well if your setting it up on a Flyod rose, just set it up with 4 springs, leaving the middle notch empty and then it should be fine, it just makes it into c standard though, i would need a 5th spring to tighten this set up to D
well I have a baritone now with a fixed bridge. I hate tuning tremolo's anyway lol.
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I've discovered that all too well, but thanks anyways i think i might just give in and get the jazz mediums and give them a feel.