Hi I'm about to buy a new guitar i want one with tremolo 'cause i already own a Les Paul but i want a tremolo guitar as a backup guitar to do like some other sections to songs using dive bombs etc.
I want a guitar that's versatile and good for Hard Rock/ Old School metal like Guns N' Roses or early Ozzy, my first thought was a HSS Fender Strat. i just want you to comment and give suggestions of other good tremolo guitars and if you want personal experience with the guitar etc

number of frets?pup configuration? preferred brands?actives or passives?body style?(super strat,strat,LP etc.etc.)
frets normal prefferend brands mmm probably ibanez fender and gibson and i would go for passives
I'd go with a higher end ESP or LTD. You can usually find them used for even less, but they're very well made guitars and stay in tune well. There's a ton of pickup configurations available on the stock guitars, but definitely get something with a floyd or even a kahler. Pretty much everything else seems to go out of tune after a single use of the tremolo system.
I agree, go with something with a Floyd Rose or Kahler. For your price range, you may even be able to find some instruments with the best Floyd Rose (Made in Germany) or the best Kahler (Made in USA).