I'm new here, and this is my first post.

So i went to best buy intending to buy a toneport ux2 and i bought the m-audio fast track pro instead that came with ableton live 6.0.1, i had to go to the website and update because I'm not on a mac. Anyway so I've got everything downloaded and hooked up through usb and its not picking up audio at all. i thought maybe it was my friends mic.. then i hooked my guitar up, still nothing.. so I don't really know what im doing wrong here. I called best buy and they said i had to go to my control panel and change the audio in and out and do the same in ableton.. i tried that. I'm not exactly 100% sure how to do it.. I think i did. anyone have any tips on how to use this program?
Easy Solution: Get rid of Live, and get Pro Tools/Logic Pro.

But seriously, I haven't had too much success recording "rock" type music with Live. To me, it's a genre-specific DAW.
Pro tools.. it came with a disk that has pro tools on it.. ill try that. thanks. so get rid of live all together?? will the interface work with something else?? im not exactly a recording expert lol.
I wouldn't say dump Live entirely, that was more of a joke. Anyways, that interface will work best with Pro Tools. Shouldn't be too hard to get some sweet riffage going!
I would love to keep live, it looks like it would be fun to use but i honestly cant figure out how to use it lol. I have this pro tools m-powered 7 disk.. im gonna try it out. thanks for the advice!
so the pro tools it came with, the disk was corrupted?? idk so i took it back and got this other thing.. i don't exactly have it figured out yet lol.. but i know this guy whose suppose to help me out.
Go to preferences in live, then under audio choose "ASIO" then under that choose Toneport UX2