i hope this is in the right category-
well i bet everyone has bad days with guitar, but i feel like mine have been piling up. it makes me feel like quitting sometimes. What do i do to over come a bad day with playing?

and what r some good finger warm ups?
like i play the chorus from echoes by pink floyd and mix up scales. Any other suggestions?
for warm ups i alternate pick the first 4 frets on each string (1-2-3-4 on E a d g b e) then back up (1-2-3-4 e b g d a E), then slide up one fret and do it again (2-3-4-5) for the length of the neck. it warms up my picking hand and my fret hand.
i like to hammer-ons and pull-offs like this:

1h2p1h2 on each string down to around the 14th or so fret, and then repeat with
1h3p1h3 and 1h4p1h4 . got that one from Dimebag.

as for bad days... i like to put the guitar down and listen to music or watch videos of my idols... and try and remember why i started playing in the first place... usu. changes my mood fairly quickly and i get back to it, either that day or the next.