So there's a part in a song that I'm trying to learn (this song at around 1:40) that goes like this


I'm trying to mute the bottom two strings (E,A), but the transition is very fast, so I'm trying to sort of mute them with my forearm as I move my picking hand to the 12th fret. I'm wondering if there's an easier way to mute them. I tried with my fretting hand laying over the E and A while fretting the 7th on the D, but since I have to fret it (ie:push hard) it comes off like a hammer on on all 3 strings.

Any help?
you can mute with ur index finger on ur left hand, when u go to plant ur 2nd finger on the 7th fret. hand the right hand tap on the 12th will give u time to do that.

But muting with ur forearm is a bit strange. Try muting with ur palm on ur right hand instead.

Also with those open strings, you can mute them near the 7th with ur left hand, so u don't have to move as much.

This isn't that difficult once u get the hang of it. Try watching them do it live on youtube... or watch some covers.

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I would go with what julzius said.

So you would bring your fretting hand up, mute E and A strings above the 6th fret with your indexfinger, and use your middle finger on the 7th fret D string and ring finger on the 8th fret D string?