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6 43%
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2 14%
1 7%
2 14%
2 14%
Voters: 14.
I'm selling my Marshall MG100HDFX.

Most people will come across this and know that it's not that good of an amp, but for those who don't already know...


I'm not going to write this amp off as the "great Marshall amp" that all the dealers and stores do. I'm not trying to rip anyone off to make a quick easy buck.

So there's two ways I could do this.

I could put it on eBay.

Or I could sell it to someone who wants it on here.

Now, if I put it up on eBay, both cab and head, what should the "Buy Now" price be? See Poll.

Or... someone who wants it could just tell me how much they're willing to pay and I could think about it and whatever.


- I live in Louisiana, America.

- It's around 2 years old, but still works fine as far as I can tell. I'll play it extensively tomorrow to check it out.
instead of takin the poll i will say that at most the head is worth 150 and the cab IMO isnt as bad as a crate which sells for about 80 so i'd say 100 on the cab isnt out of the question. the mg cab is decent w a real head. not great, but not complete crap. there's worse cabs out there. hope that helps. personally i wouldnt put it on ebay cause theres so many crapped out mg's out there and someone may try to act like yours was bad and threaten bad feedback. craigslist would be your best bet. the main thing to look out for is your fan. if it looks slow or only works sometimes then the head is about to die.
A lot of the time people dont know what they are buying on ebay. advertise it as a 500 dollar combo on line and have a like $150 starting bid and then like a $300 buy it now. Either way if the person that is inexperienced and sees a marshall going for 300 dollars, and is a beginner, they will jump all over it. Keep in mind its not false advertising, and not a scam, so i dont see whats wrong with it. But if you dont want to do that, dont sell it for 100 on here, go to Guitar Center, Im pretty sure they will give you at least $150 for the two, I think my friend got like$90 for just the head
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