title sais it, i play metallica only (so far) and wondering if the KH95 is any good and not some commercial thing, the 535q is 160 euro's and the KH its 165, so not much difference in cash, which one is better?

i got a line 6 spidervalve 112, if that matters and a epiphone les paul with active emg 81's
well i played the kh 165 and it was amazing but i havent played the 535q

okay weird coincidence, i also mainly play metallica and i have a spider valve 112
well it's up to u. do u want an off switch or not?
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Quote by holycow
well it's up to u. do u want an off switch or not?
Wow, that would be funny, except it isn't. And yeah go with the KH it sounds phenomenal.
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The 535q will give you more versatility in tone but the KH95 would be perfectly suited to your metallica playing. don't think that the kh95 isn't good for anything else, its still an awesome wah just not as versatile as the 535q.

a big + for the KH95 is that it has a better bypass than the 535q. according to dunlop its true hardwire bypass and the 535q is just hardwire bypass. I notice a slight tone suck with the KH95 (but any pedal, even true bypass pedals, suck a tad bit of tone).

i really like my KH95 and find that it works best with darker/warmer guitars as opposed to brighter guitars (at least for me-- probably because I prefer darker tones in general lol).