to see Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed on sept 12th.

... since these are two huge bands are we going to hear only half of what they would normaly play for a concert of will the concert be twice as long?

sorry if this is a dumb question ive never been to a concert like this..
I guess both of the bands will play their full sets or something
I dunno, you'll have to wait until you go i guess... I saw In Flames and KsE at Taste of Chaos, and In Flames played a shorter set than ksE, who were headlining at that particular show... So i guess it depends...
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Saw Machine Head and Trivium co-head the Black Crusade tour.
Both were scheduled 90minute sets, but Travis broke his kit during Trivium's set, so Machine Head got an extra 25mins ish, as Trivium finished early.
They should play full sets.
When I saw NOFX and Bad Religion, NOFX played first and played a full set.
NOFX really should have played last though, because Bad Religion ****ing sucked balls.

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when i went and saw slayer and megadeth co-headline they both played full sets.

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If it's a co-headlining tour, they'll both play full sets.

If it's a festival, they'll both play super short sets.

Edit: Oh, it's that new Rockstar festival. Each band will probably play about an hour.
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