So my dad replaced his van's speakers and gave them to me for free, so I'm looking to build something(s) from this, I can spend a little but the point is not to make a good amp more to make experience making a small amp. Thanks guys.


Regular audio speakers do not work great for guitar because of the frequency response. What might be more suitable is building an audio amp and attatching a headphone cable to it to listen to Ipods and stuff.
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Well there has been a recent update, I have 2 4" speakers, 2 6" speakers and 4 tweeters now - the 6 inches are pretty good frequencey ratings (i checked the two graphs they're actually really similar) so I think I'll use those for an amp cause I don't care tones...

So how many speakers for the small amp? 1 or 2 (I'd use the 6")

And I like the ipod idea, I could use the other two on that?

Thx guys.