gonna post a review a bit later

but so far it feels very good, however there is just an insane noise coming from pickups when plugged in which is quite annoying...

and the nuts have rust on them, what should i do about it guys
that abalone (or whatever it is) strip along the side of the neck looks awesome!
beautiful guitar!
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do I see a guitar hero controller near the family?
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Holy crap, check this out!
Hell, that is an awesome addition to that family. HNGD!
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do I see a guitar hero controller near the family?


damn, the JB set is great but there really is a lot of noise coming from it that is not happening on any other guitar... what could that be?
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do I see a guitar hero controller near the family?

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Almost closed this page when i saw gibson on the box, but i see you made the best choice possible and went for the ESPPPPPPPP \m/


as a fellow owner of an ESP Wangstock(TM) guitar we should make a group

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on this pic guys, can u see the rust?

Are you talking about the grime on the frets? That will come off with an eraser or a green kitchen scrubber. Just make sure to mask the frets before you start scrubbing.
tape off the frets, polish with steel wool. clear that right up.

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Nice one man, loving the wangstock :P
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