hey, i don't know if this is the right forum, but on yahoo answers they are a bunch if d***s and noone will answer me..so i'm going to ask here.

yestersday i put my micro sd card from my phone into the computer because i wanted to put a video i filmed into my computer. as soon as i put it in (windows 7) a page opened up saying that if i wanted to access the disc i had to format, i clicked on no and took the sd out, i put it back in my phone and guess what???..no more videos, no more songs, only photos have remained...why???? what happened???
i'm really pissed off about this because i had videos from years back...so any help would be very much appreciated..and could someone also tell me if there's a way to recuperate them??

I don't think there is a way you can get them back, sorry. Check to see if they're saved on your phone anywhere?
I lost a load of photos from a night out on an SD card of mine, I think once they're gone, there's no way of getting them back No idea why that happened either.
I'm not a wonder at computers, so maybe someone else here will be able to tell you why it happened.
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Maybe you can recover the files if you use a program like rescuepro.
So when a file is 'deleted', it is in fact only able to be written over, and windows doesn't display it. The file still exists though. It's only when you overwrite the part of the memory that the file was stored in that you actually lose it.

So, unless you have been saving a lot of new files on it, you should be able to recover the old bits from your SD. At very least, search google for file recovery software.
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