hey i was wondering if you would give me your opinion of this song that i wrote
Fairy Tales -


im seventeen and im super busy so i play whenever i can. But please enjoy and this by no means is a finished product just want want to see what people think
and as always rate comment or subscribe
thnx in advance
great job on those vocals! and I mean that for real, never do get tired of wispy vocals - even if they're sometimes overdone, but hell as long as they're in front of a decent arrangement then I'm not complaining.
busy at 17? X_X wish I could say that when I was 17 XD
mixing isn't stellar, for one thing why mono? I'm only getting your song through my left speaker :P:
otherwise the writing is superb, liked the lyrics - maybe even consider recording with a 12 string sometime.

but yeah, at the very least two channels would've done the song more justice. maybe re-up sometime.

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