The title basically states itself.
Whats your practice schedule as of right now.
Most people practice for about an hour a day so break down the hour for me.

30 mins on school stuff (performing arts high school)
30 mins. on learning songs to play in my band
30 mins. on teqnique stuff (sometimes substituted by playing bass or keyboard).
It isn't like a strict schedule for me that's just an approximation
Well I try to do 3-5 hours but it probably breaks down about the same. I have two basic setups, one in which the day is devoted to composition, and one in which I am learning new songs, practicing technique etc...

In either I will do warm up exercises for 15-30 minutes.

If I'm devoting the day to composition, well then I work on material for the rest of the time that day.

Otherwise I will then practice a song or two that I already know. After that I work on a new song, followed by technique exercises (sweeping, tapping, fundamentals, etc...). Some improvisation, experimenting with technique. Then back to working on the new song.

The amount of time for each thing varies by day, depending on what I think needs more work (which is why I didn't list specific times for each thing).