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I saw this advertised and was wondering if, by the looks/specs of it, it be worth trading my Schecter C1 Hellraiser for.

I know I should try it out and such first, but it seems like I'm getting an extremely good deal if I would buy this for $500. It's a custom shop Stealth and, if I'm correct, 1984 was the first year it was in production.

My real questions for this are:
1.) Am I getting an insanely cheap deal if I buy this?
2.) (off topic) Would it be practical to replace all the EMG pickups/pots in my Schecter without spending way too much money?
3.) Is it worth trading if I happen to want to buy this?
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It's a custom shop Stealth


It's a bog standard NJ series made in Japan. Bolt on. Lots of modifications. In no way is it american built or "Custom shop" Serial number is correct.

$500 is reasonable, but you probably wont turn a profit if you sold it on.

Personally, as long as its a decent player i would trade.
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That thing certainly appears to be a POS. There's no way it's a real US BCR from the 80s. They look nothing like that.
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HELL YES Its a vintage custom shop. you can buy anthoer hellraiser but you can buy this again. and its pretty unique
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The guy says it's custom painted, so it originally was just black.

And to Arterial - Active EMG's suck, and are way to expensive to fix. I had a bad ground on my bridge 81TW and it cost $190 to fix everything. I'm wanting to put passives in it if it doesn't cost a fortune, then just sell the actives.
Well, it seem like the jury is still out on whether it is a custom shop or not, BUT if it is a custom shop 80' I would trade in a heartbeat. My son has an 84' custom warlock that he bought for $500 back in the 90's when everyone just wanted to be like Kirk Cobain and play a strat. Once we got this guitar professionally set up it ROCKED!!! Played better than my PRS Custom 22. Seriously, this thing smokes. He has been offered $1400 for it, but would never let it go.

If it is an NJ, that is another story altogether. The C1 is a good instrument and make actually sound better than an NJ. However, the 80's NJ were better than todays by quite a bit so you can't judge it but what B.C. Rich makes today. Ever since Bernie died it has not been the same company.
Its NOT a custom shop. I have owned BCR custom shop peices and old style NJ's, the headstock on the stealth says BC-Rich and theres a gold logo next to it that says "NJ".

Most custom shops BCR's dont even say BC-Rich on the headstock, they mostly say "R"

And the serial number on this particular stealth is an import serial number.

Stop telling this guy it could be a custom shop when frankly you have no real idea over what it is

If you even did a little bit of a research you would find this youtube video of it being refinished.


1 Minute in, shows clearly the NJ logo on the headstock. Personally, i would trade, but thats me.
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either way that is pretty sexy... i may just have to get that myself...
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