Hey everyone,

I started playing seriously like 2 months ago, and I was just wondering how long I should work on an exercise before moving on. For example, there is this spiderwalk exercise I think I have nailed down pretty tightly, but I still devote about 20 minutes a day to it. Now, if I want to practice new exercises, should I eventually devote less time a day to the old exercise, or still practice it every day? Like, I know its good to practice the old one everyday, because practice is practice, but I once read that its bad to practice something just for the sake of practicing it. So, how what do you guys recommend? Lately, I've been adding on an exercise or two to my schedule a week, and eventually I won't have enough time in one day to practice it all if you know what I mean.

Also, when you do pinch harmonics, such as:
pm pm pm AH

Do you constantly keep your pick near your thumb, or do you like keep normal picking position then move your thumb down when its time for the pinch? Or do you not move your thumb closer to the end of the pick at all?

Thanks for the advice UG

EDIT: THe AH is supposed to be above the 3, so I'm supposed to pinch the G
Not sure about the pinch thing, but for the exercises, I suggest stop doing them after you feel like you aren't learning from them any more. You want to use the exercises that work the best for you daily, and mabey go back and review a couple exercises you've already mastered every few days or so.

So pretty much you want to work on the ones you aren't very good at yet, and just review the others.
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i would have to change the position of the pick because there are 2 strings ...