i have a school gig that is compulsary next thursday. i have to play no matter what.

my band are ready to play but they all go to different schools and the bassist and guitarist have exams the next day and cant play the gig. we still have drums, guitar, saxaphone player and maybe another guitarist.

i would get people to fill in for the bassist and guitarist but i don't know many decent players and it's a bit short of notice.

what do i do?
depends on what kind of music you're playing. If the music allows for it, and iff you end up having 2 guitarists, make one switch to bass. Bass is important, more so than 2 guitars, dont let anybody tell you different.

you might have to rearrange some of the music, but if you do it right you could pull it off
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Ask your bandmates to ask their teacher's if they can have a few hours off to play?

Or if you have two guitarists, acoustic set?
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Acoustic set, mic up an acoustic guitar, sing a couple of songs with a cool saxaphone leads and some solid drum beats.
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we play funk. pick up the pieces was the song we were gunna play.

we could get away without a guitarist but keep the bassist. we could get one of the guitars to play bass if we have two guitarists on the day but it would sound a lot worse than if we had a bass and 2 guitars.

i don't want our band to come off as shit, especially cus its our first gig. plus we are good and it will be a shame if everyone in my school thinks we are terrible..
Doesn't seem like much of a first gig if half your band can't make it.
The very first open mic my old band played, we tried to have another guitarist stand in for our rhythm guitar, and it went terribly. People got a bad impression of the band.
That method can be successful (in our case, we probably just didn't practice enough/use a competent enough guitar player) but that adds alot of extra work.
I say try and get out of it if you can't get your whole band.