Hi, im fairly new to playing metal/deathcore/hardcore and was wondering what technique people use for playing, what i call a "pumping" riff. riffs like 'elder misanthropy', 'funeral thirst' by black dahlia murder or alot of in flames riffs. atm i use all down strokes(down on the palm mute, then down on the note), but i see a few people i know alternating the picking (down on the palm mute, up on the note). any feed back would be appreciated.

thank you
You shoud really stick with down strokes if you can manage. It keeps that chugging kind of sound that defines metal.
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You shoud really stick with down strokes if you can manage. It keeps that chugging kind of sound that defines metal.

Only certain genres of metal really. I'd say the vast majority of the metal I listen to do a huge amount of alt/econ.
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i think what you are referring to is called "chugging", and it involves playing a sequence of notes while bouncing off of the fat E string. It's used a lot in metalcore/deathcore. An example would be the intro riff of "Take this Life" by In Flames. Sometimes you can do downpicking, but its almost always easier to alternate pick when playing chugging riffs. Always downstroke on the fat E string, do whatever you feel like on the other notes. That's what is easiest for me.
Trust me, In Flames do not use only downstrokes When palmmuting stick to downstrokes only if you want to sound like Metallica, else just alt it normally. When you have PM note PM note PM note do the down-up-down-up etc. Unless it's some sick string skipping riff dunno.
I do currently play all those style riffs with all down strokes with no problem, but I've just started playing in a hardcore band (parkway drive/august burns red style) and the other guitarist plays using alternating picking. Was just wondering if there's a big difference between the two really?
Yeah that's the riffs I'm talking about "chugging" not " pumping" lol.
Not very much, to be honest. You CAN tell if you're listening to it, but to an untrained ear, it doesn't sound any different at all. Do what's easier for you.
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isnt it called pedalling ? D=

mostly learning both ways is best and using the one with the tone you feel fits the song at the time?
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Thank you for all your replys, very much appreciated.

Think I'll learn the alternative way. Would be nice to know how to do it both ways.
Metal often uses different patterns, not just all down picking or all alternate.

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For chugging riffs, especially ones with pedal tones, it's best to try to down pick everything, but you can get by by down-picking only the pedal note and using up strokes on the higher notes.