This is my first post in S+L, but this is a folk tune that i wrote not to long ago

I watched her eyes like a shooting star,
watched her move like a butterfly in the sky,
lost her love like it was meant to be,
left me heartbroken like a dying widow,
But she smiled, told me to move on my way,
move past her like she did me,
I pleaded saying how can i move past you,
when the only good thing about me was lovin' you,

I looked on my love through her disappointed eyes,
told her i might not see you to soon,
but baby i won't forget the things you did,
she looked down biting her lip, swinging her hips
in the wind like a free dancer,
she smiled to me and said with a tear rollin' down her eye,
I can assure you boy, i am not the one to love you in this world,
and i saw my soul fly out like a raven
and felt my heart beat out of my chest

I watched her be through with me,
couldn't do anything to keep her as mine,
but she hung on to my lonely mind
as i was pouring my heart onto the street
she was running away with my love,
knee deep in another's heart,
when i was the one who was the fool
thinking she once wanted me,
but she'll move on,
if she stopped to begin with

heres a chorus i wrote for this song(would be after each verse), but i really rushed it and i think it needs some work

hey, sweet love of mine,
where've you run to now?
hey, my true love,
why do i die for you?
inside, i've been beaten out
oh, sweet love of mine,
when will it end?

Thanks for reading!
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