Hey all!

I know I'm making threads in rapid succession lately, but I seem to be in a creative mood. I bring you my 5th original piece, one that I wrote, arranged and recorded all in one day! It's supposed to be an intro to Window Sill Philosophy, one of my earlier originals (I put them in the right order so you can hear if the combo works ).

Check it out here:

Revelations - by ZeGuitarist

C4C as always. Cheers guys!
Gave this one a listen, liked everything about it except for your method of percussion. I don't think the clapping really fit with everything else, especially since it seemed to be out of time at points by just enough to be noticeable. I actually thought that maybe some african drum would fit in well with this for some reason... you've heard my stuff, you know I have some weird musical ideas here and there. But still, maybe consider that. I really liked the guitar's strumming pattern, though. I don't know why, but it fit perfectly.

I don't have anything for you to crit right now, but when I put a new one up, I'll give you a link if you want.
It works great as an intro to window sill, the clapping is a little off, and i noticed before reading blue's comment. Cancel it out, or get it right on time, and i'd call that one done.
Don't worry, as soon as I've got a condenser, I'm re-recording ALL of my previous recordings. So with these comments in mind, I'll make sure I get it right

Cheers guys!