hey guys.
im wondering if anyone can suggest me a distortion pedal for an opeth, dream theater ish sound. Im using a voc Ac50cp, the gain isnt doing it for me, tbh.

fulltone fulldrive 2
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Definitely a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 or a OCD. I think the OCD is used more for modern overdrive/distortion sound.

Check them both out. proguitarshop.com has like 3 demos for each of them.

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As lame as it sounds, my favorite distortion pedal is the boss metal core. I used it through the clean channel of an MG. It sounded alot better than you'd think it would, try it out.
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Cheers guys. Ill go try them out soon. Hopefully its what im looking for.
Yet another cluster**** of a thread. Unless you recommended the FD-2 as a boost, as that's the only way he'll get a DT type tone out of it. The OCD isn't modern in the least and the Fullbore sounds like ass. TS, I'd recommend some sort of modern sounding distortion unit with an American voicing. Something like one of the AMT amp sim pedals.
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I agree with the Metal Core.. I was surprised with how ''modern'' it sounds. It's not weak like the Metal Zone. Full of chunk..
As mmolteratx said, check out AMT pedals. Their stuff is pretty good and covers a wide spectrum. I'd also check out the Tech 21 SansAmp GT2.
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