So, The socket for the trem arm on my S470 has come loose, this has been a persisting problem and ive tried everything to sort it out, nothing has worked so far. I took it to a guitar tech about a month ago and he got it semi-working, it was held in place fine but after a months worth of vigorous dive bombs and harmonics it now doesnt work again. I cant just tighten it because there is no access to it whatsoever, ive took the springs off , still cant get to it. I want to take the whole trem out, then lock the socket to the trem with PTFE tape and some epoxy resin for good measure, then reinstall it.

tl;dr I need a guide to take out my ZR trem then put it back in.

Thanks for reading
My S470 had that problem too and what I did is use some small needle-nose pliers to tighten it. But what you want to do is a good idea and is much less temporary. All you have to do is take the strings and disconnect the springs and the stopper bar in the back, then unscrew the 2 action adjusting screws with an allen wrench all the way and it should come right out.
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Thanks dude , thought it must of been something like that , just didnt want to break it