I've tried searching for diagrams concerning this, and I've heard of using some caps on the 1st 3rd lugs on a tone pot helps in cutting bass frequencies. Any of this sound right to you? None of the sources really had a coherently written format, nor a wiring diagram to help explain wth they were talking about X_X

If you know of any diagrams or tips to help me cut some of the fat off this SD invader in my bridge cavity - it would be much appreciated

No I won't be going about ordering a new pickup, so please dont suggest it -_-;
Nor will I not replace the pots.

The pots are 500k Vol, tone, tone. It's a Hum/Hum setup wired in series. Both are Seymours.
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That would be interesting if anyone has a solution for this, I don't know much about circuit design (but I eventually have to take a class on it in college). Having a tone pot that cuts off bass frequency... I could have fun with that
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