Hey guys, recently Ive been really unhappy with the way my egnater rebel 20 sounds. It sounds very thin and "papery", farty at times. The gain sounds like crap. Just to give you an idea, it makes my old ass crate v18 sound great. I replaced the 12ax7 tubes but it didnt help. Took it to a guitar shop and compared it with one in the store and it sounded alright.

I don't think its my guitar because it sounded fine in my Crate V18. I would plug it into the cab of my v18 combo to test but thats 4 hours away at home.

Could it be a problem with my matching cabinet? Is anyone having any problems with their egnaters like this?

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i'm not familiar with the Elite 80 speaker in that amp. but that's usually the first place an amp mfg skimps to keep costs down. i suspect that could be your issue. the private jack in the V18 is a nice speaker so maybe that's what you are hearing?

Also try using a different brand 12ax7 in V1, I use a EH in my egnater and that made a big difference. also maybe a 12at7 in there. i ditched the stock egnater preamp tubes for a mix of JJ and EH and that really opened up the tone a bunch. the stock preamp tubes were garbage.