slumped down across the sidewalks
A life worth loss erased like chalk
Never able to stand up straight
Never able to accept his fate

Each second lost is a second they gain
The ones that put you here and left this pain
Those empty words that left you feeling so hollow
form the blinded bribe you chose to follow

You've fallen of the wagon
You let the good days drag on
You let the greed possess you
To have it throw you into
Point blank range,
They'll be eating you alive in
Point blank range
Where there's nowhere left to hide.

Flailing to catch a foothold
People waiting just to see you fold
You cast a glance around the room
And count the glances thrown back at you

Just look around, make a start at coping
Reclaim lost ground, the fire's need stoking
The inner strength is all that keeps you from falling
But like smoke in the wind you keep on stalling


The day will come
When you will rise up from the ashes
Spread your wings
But don't hold your breath
No don't hold your breath!