i have a Vox ac15 with the stock wharfdale speaker. im looking to replace this for something with more bottom end. the wharfdale speaker is 16 ohm, 30watt. the ac15 has an 8 ohm and 16ohm jack.

i plan on using a 2x12 extension cab and bypassing the stock, or could i somehow just switch out the stock speaker AND run a 1x12 extension cab simultaneously. i was looking at the celestion g12t 75 as the replacement speaker.

budget is kind of tight, no more than 300. if i cant find an avatar cab or something similar used, i may just build my own cab for the sake of saving money. im figuring 2 new speakers will be 200, then its just wood and what not.

i play a lot of drone, some doom/stoner/sludge metal, a lot of experimental feedback based stuff, psychadellic blues and jazz. so im not looking for a "modern" sounding speaker or something with a lot of high's, or too much midrange. i also play on pretty high volume settings, because the whole purpose of stuff like drone is just to use lots of volume to get that heavy sound. thanks
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