Hey, I was looking at tremolos (with the possibility to cnage the licensed one in my guitar to an OFR) and thre popped up a Schaller Floyd Rose Pro. The only difference that is listed on the description is that the OFRs string spacing is 0.420 inches and the Pro's is 0.400 inches... and anyway, is that better?

And a fact, the shop here in Finland that sold them is very overpriced, the OFR is 315e and the Pro is 585e, making me ask, what the hell?!

explain this to me... is the pro better? how? and is it worth even 500e?


EDIT: actually, the prices there are:
OFR: gold - 345e, black - 335e, and chrome - 315e
FRP: Black - 415e, gold - 585e, so are you paying 170e for the golden color????

also, you can get the Gotoh one for the same colors-prices as OFR exept its 100e cheaper so 245, 235 and 215e..
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I don't get the impression the Pro is better...

And I doubt it's worth 170e more. I mean, come on. Personally, I prefer original Floyd Roses over the copies. Check out http://www.floydrose.com/.
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