Hey guys!

This the first song I've ever created using Reason, and was really just to help me get to grips with the program. I figured it turned out quite well though, or atleast so I thought. I call it piano rock, but I'm not really sure what it is.

I apologise in advance for poor mixing, I'm new to this game


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I liked it as soon as soon as it started man. Love it. Reminds me of Keane, Local Natives.... maybe Coldplay. Love stuff like this! It's a great song, the only thing that needs to be tweaked imo are the volumes. The piano is a little bit overpowering compared to the drums and strings. But it's an amazing song I think, good job man

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I like it

It's sensual, though it comes at you a bit too hard, I feel maybe hitting the keys softer and giving it more flow would help. And maybe changing those drum samples as well :P

I do like the arrangement though, just the flow feels too rigid to me with the emphasis on the piano and no varying tempos, eq wise, volume - as well as playing (which I'm guessing maybe you programmed?)
give the piano entrance some softer notes (as well as throughout the arrangements) and lower the volumes of each piece, there were no dynamics in the arrangements I felt, which also hurts the song imo

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