I've been working on this a lot lately, mostly stuff in the vain of Scale the Summit and Kiko Loureiro, and I've been making shapes for major and minor arpeggios with all sorts of extensions and all that. My problem is that when I see guys like STS and Kiko, they're on a clean channel and are able to get such a full and connected sound. I have to have quite a lot of distortion with delay and reverb and it still sounds weak in comparison to them. Is it just because I need to tap with more force or is there something I can do to my tone to help? I'm assuming it's a bit of both. Thanks!
it's important hit the notes strong enough, but that's not all. You must also check your technique, there might be something you're not doing right. Try playing with other guitarrists, that is very important to get some things you might like to do, or to trade licks and sh*t. Chances are you wont find a kiko loureiro in your area, but you might as well find someone whose tapping is cool, and you could learn from them.

I'm willing to bet that STS have a few things you don't. Some of them only require time, others require a little more than just perseverance.

Very solid technique is the foundation of a full sound. If you can't cleanly and articulately play a passage on a clean tone, you don't have it mastered. Simply put, when you have almost any technique down, it'll sound full and articulate on a clean tone or drowned in distortion.

That brings us to the next part of the formula. A good tone is essential to a full sound. That's pretty hurp-durp, so I'll spare you the long discussion. A full sound requires a good EQ setting. You have to manipulate your amp and your guitar to give you the sound you want.

Finally, they probably have better guitars than you do. High-end pickups, good tone wood for the body, and good amps are a fair bit of a good, full sound like you describe. It's not that buying an expensive guitar and amp will make you instantly awesome, but a high-end guitar and a good, well EQ'd amp will defintely compliment great technique in a good way.

Good technique is the biggest part of a connected sound. Good EQ'ing is integral to a full sound. Good gear is nice, but you should be able to approximate the sound you want with the gear you have.
if you want to try touch style tapping listen to stanley jordan.

STS, as much as i love them, they are NOT doing touch style tapping. they are just doing regular tapping throwing in extra fingers. the most they have used is 6 fingers (on a record)

i dont listen to kiko l so i cant tell you anything there.
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