Poll: jackson kelly Js30ke or ibanez destroyer dtx-120
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View poll results: jackson kelly Js30ke or ibanez destroyer dtx-120
The ibanez dtx-120
7 64%
The jackson kelly js30ke
3 27%
1 9%
Voters: 11.
I have an old Destroyer, and I gotta say, if the new ones are anything like it, its a fantastic guitar.
That being said, the new ones probably don't hold a candle to it! My vote is 'other'. Try to find an old Destroyer!
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i have decided to get the dtx-120 (destroyer) because its soooo comfy, it has a god tone and i tried both in the shop and the ibanez was EPIC!!thanks for yahelp
I have the mini destroyer and I love it. Great guitar....I like the smaller body better...looks more proportionate to your body....unless you are a big fella.

Is it just me or do the stock dtx-120 PU's sounds really good? For stock PU's anyways.
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