Hey guys, my band Half Chance Heroes is putting together an album and we need some help. We have three songs which are up on our myspace www.myspace.com/onedaytakeback

1.It's True
2. Sunshine
3. Will You Follow

We have saved up some more cash so we are going in for another three songs july 12th and we are just gonna continue recording all summer. What do ya think about the songs we have recorded and what could we change? Any opinions on anything?
With an irresistible blend of reggae induced hip-hop and catchy pop-punk hooks, Half Chance Heroes captivates audiences with their unique sound and energetic stage show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8bSU0u8uvM
Hmm I dunno. I dont really like pop-punk much. The songs weren't bad. I liked the bass especially. I really didn't like the lyrics though...I don't mean to be critical. I just am trying to tell you what I think. But overall, it was pretty good, even though I dislike the genre.
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really good! im always stoked to find bands like this.
yeah like the dude said above, maybe a little work on the lyrics but that's about it in my opinion.