so i've been playing bass for 7 years but want a new guitar for my birthday. I've been playing acoustic for a couple years and want an electric. I've got decent experience but I just want something to mess around on in my dorm room, so i don't need anything that expensive. I was thinking either a Squier Strat or SX Furrian P90. I know they're both pretty "low end", but need some help.

Price limit: $125ish

i cant speak for the sx but i have a squier strat and ive always liked it. its lasted me about 5 years and the only problem ive had is the input jack is just starting to play up so im replacing that this week.

best advice that i or anyone here can give you though is to go to a guitar store and play the 2 guitars, and see which one you like better.
I actually started off with a Fender Starcaster. It's like you said a very low end guitar but honestly it never let me down. So in my opinion go for the Squier. Also the body of the squier is a little more comftorable to rest on your leg while sitting down than the SX.
I currently own a Squier, and I have played an SX extensively (bought it as a gift for someone).

From my experience I can offer you this:

My squier (when stock) had better electronics, hardware, and set-up. The SX definately had a better fretjob than the squier but in everything else it didn't come as close.

Although both very cheap guitars, the SX felt a lot cheaper. Squiers are also really good guitars to modify and get used to guitar anatomy (swapping electronics, hardware, etc.)

So in my honest opinion, the Squier.

NOTE: I would try to find a used Squier from the 80's, they run for a little under $200 used but they are excellent for the price.
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one thing mate, when you're looking at the squiers, look on the back of the headstock, and try and get one that's not made in korea or china, i.e. probably indonesia. my squier's indonesian, and it plays better than other squiers i've tried that are higher-end but made in china/korea.
^Have you played a Classic Vibe strat? I have one and it's awesome, easily beating MIM quality
Speaking of which TS, I bet you could get a used CV strat for like $150
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SX basses are pretty darn value for money, atleast the ones above $99.
I dunno about the guitars. Like someone said above, the fretwork is more looked after in the SX.

But the thing is, going by stock pickups, since it's a guitar, go for the Squier.
I'm assuming you won't be upgrading anything.

Also, Squiers with rosewood fretboards sound closer the the Fenders than the ones with the maple fretboards do.

I have a Squier Telecaster, and it gives me that vintage twang its costlier relatives have.
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Squier '51s are great guitars.
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