So pit, as I was watching last nights NBA final series game, I noticed a few people in the crowd behind the commentators as they were on tv.

I asked myself what would I do if I knew i was up close to a live tv camera. I'm not gonna lie, if it had happened to me before last night I probably woulda just acted like a drunk asshat because I couldnt think of somethin better. But now I think if I knew I would eventually be on tv, I would call someone and have them tivo it, then mouth something stupid so i could watch it forever....

....my idea blows, so Pit...

What would YOU do?
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I'd probably pull down my pants.
Held up a sign with the phone number of someone I hate written on it.
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Listen to the man, he's Jewish.
I would do a 'stalker stare' into the camera during the entire thing. Not even blinking.