So, my band played at a show last Friday.

We arrived at the place, we were told we were going to start playing at 4:15.

Due to bands not even showing up, we were forced to go first.

"It's not a big deal, we'll just play".

And we did. We had the option of playing for 45 minutes, but only played maybe 25 because of problems with sound.

you can just skip to this part if you'd like.

We were told after we got done playing that we weren't getting paid, and that all of the money is going to this crappy band getting a recording done in Ohio.

You'd think that something like this would be important to bring up.

What really bothers me the most is that the band that is actually getting paid OWNS the place that we played at so they were able to regulate everything.

I'm sorta glad we didn't play for too long.

What are your thoughts on this? Similar experiences?

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At the shitty venue my band used to play at, it wasn't uncommon for us to not get paid if the turnout was too small or whatever. Just be glad to play shows and get your name and music out there.
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to TS, yeah your shit sucks, but as you said at least you didnt play long haha
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They didn't have to pay you.. sounds like you sucked anyway.
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They didn't have to pay you.. sounds like you sucked anyway.

the sound problem was in fact their fault.

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Richard Pryor said some lolcopterliscious stuff on him confronting the mafia about how they didn't pay this dancer
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the sound problem was in fact their fault.

Typical to blame them..

Nah, i'm joking.. but I havent had a paid gig yet I don't really moan about it.. I'll just try to get into a better venue in the future.
It isnt about the money, unless their was 100+ kids their, dont expect to get paid, and if their was, you need to talk to the people running the venue about it first before you do anything, and refuse to leave till you get your bank
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