I have a floyd rose so it will be staying in this tuning for a few months until I get bored with it. I like to play thrash, and some lighter death metal like black dahlia and dethklok, but none of the extremely brutal stuff.

I know BtBaM uses C# standard, so I considered it over C. I think C might be a little to low for me.

Right now I play in D standard with regulars (10s). I'm pretty sure I'd have to move up a guage for a half step down right?

So what guage for C# tuning?

Off topic- when changing the strings on a floyd rose, once all strings are off the guitar, should i loosen the springs in the back into their regular positions? My screws are going pretty deep into the wood, I feel like if they went any deeper they would break something.
i used 12s when i did it and they were perfect for it.
My guitar had a floyd aswell and although the screws were fairly deep in the wood but it worked, maybe add in another 2 springs if it only has 3?
10s is really low for D standard. I use 12s and 13s for D. I think 12s would be fine for C#, though
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If you're used to a standard set of .10s for D Standard, my advice would be try out C# Standard with those first, then try .11s if the .10s don't work out. I certainly would not advise you jump straight to .12s or higher and there's no harm in trying your usual .10s first and goign up in small steps. There is no benefit to using strings thicker than is comfortable for you, just use what you play best on. So if you're used to .10s, either the same .10s or goign up to .11s is what will probably work out best for you.
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11-52 for me.
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10s is really low for D standard. I use 12s and 13s for D. I think 12s would be fine for C#, though

13's for D?
10's are perfect for D standard.
and 11's are perfect for C#.

Hell, I have 10's on right now (I play in Eb mostly), and I tune to C# standard sometimes to play some BTBAM and I love the tension, though just a little too loose. Definitely 11's for C#.