I've been looking around for a new bass, and been through the used gear section on guitar center's website, i've noticed alot of good deals on there, but im not sure if some of its just to good to be true or not. I'm just kinda skeptical on buying used things, and was just wondering if this is a reliable way to go for buying a new bass at a good price, i mean, im not really worried about it being used, if it works just fine. Any help would be appreciated.

Usually GC is pretty good about selling used gear. It might be a little dented/scratched/etc., but 9 times out of 10, it will work fine.

A bit about GC's used gear policy. Lets say I bought an amp new for 1000 dollars. One year later, I sell it back and get 500. They will then mark it up to say 750 and try to re-sell it. If it doesn't sell in a year, they'll bring it down to what they paid for it (in this case, 500) in an attempt to get it out of the store.

It might not be that the gear is crap, it might mean it's just been sitting in there too long and they want to keep the circulation going.
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Hmmmm i see, well this is good information then i'll be fine with some cosmetic wear, and yeah i figured guitar center would be reliable on theyre gear just wasnt sure if anybody knew for sure
If it is in good shape, the price is right and the bass suits you, then go for it. Guitar Center doesn't often put a thrashed instrument in the used bin. They are usually quite serviceable. You can often find a better deal on a used bass than on a used guitar because basses don't sell as frequently and they want to get the used items out the door fast.
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