Greeneville is in north east TN is just a bit off I-81 between Bristol and Knoxville, half an hour from north west NC, an hour from southwest VA and less than 2 hours from bits of WV and KY. Here we find Ella's, a very musician-friendly hot spot with more good live music than many places much larger: http://www.ellasgoodmusicgoodfood.com/

Mondays used to be open mike night. Due to poor turnout, this has become 'first Monday of the month'. I think that's a damn shame.

Another damn shame is how many of us are out there, reading UG, and then carrying on as if our neighbors are as distant as Armstrong's 'one small step', never meeting, talking, maybe playing.

So here's what I suggest. Get out from behind that keyboard. Come meet your fellow guitarists and other musicians. Meet, talk, maybe play, hell maybe put together that awesome band, who knows?

The next open mike night at Ella's is July 5th. That's a holiday. They're open, I checked. But you're probably still on that 3 day weekend. So no excuses, you're off work, and if you've already got plans these are probably better. Let's fill the place with UG members and any others you can get to tag along. Bring an axe and play us some. Get with a few others and jam. (The house has a PA; bring an amp if you need to). Or just sit back and bask in the aura of many fellow musicians enjoying each others' company. Come chat, discuss, argue, brag, lie, hell bark at the moon if you're so inclined (as I know I am).

I'd like to make this a monthly event, but for right now let's just try to fill the place one time. Come on, this is for YOU. Reservations are not required. Neither is responding here, but I'd very much appreciate if you plan to make it, at least drop me a private message here. And if you think this is a good idea, copy this invitation to other sites etc. The more of us there are, the more good things will happen.

One other enticement: an hour away in Virginia is the southern end of The Crooked Road, an amazing collection of ongoing local/traditional music venues that winds its way all up the western edge of Virginia http://www.thecrookedroad.org/ The music's Appalachian flavored country and bluegrass. Think that's not for you? Chet Atkins once said "A real musician recognizes and appreciates good music no matter what kind it is." And then he proceeded to play a Blondie song (Prairie Home Companion). So there you go, you can just come for the UG Players-Fest at Ella's or you can spend the whole 3 day weekend hearing tons of excellent picking.