I won a Spider III 30 amp and i'm considering buying the Shortboard MKII pedal to use with it. i know that i can use it to switch my channel effects, control volume, tuner, and some effect control, but which ones? i'd like to be able to tun tremolo on and off on the spot, as well as delay, but i'm not sure if i could do these things with it. i looked up some videos but a lot of them were kinda useless for what i'm looking for.

any advice? preferably from people with hands-on experience with the pedal and have knowlege of the criteria i specified
ALSO! i want to be able to produce a bit of a crunchier distortion with my amp. probably using the metal effect, but i'd like it to sound like Ryusuke's from the show BECK:MCS. kinda weird that i want to reproduce the sound from an anime, but i realy dig the sound the songs are played with.
idk anything about the anime show soumd stuff. but if you get the pedal, out of the box all the expression pedal does is volume and wah. but you csn plug it into your computer with a standard printer cable and it will ask to download a program. this program allows you to change what the pedal does. i havent messsed with it but i think u can do stuff like you want to.
I own this pedal, as well as a Line 6 Spider IV 120watt. And the pedal is mainly used to switch between presets. So you have have button A for your clean preset, B for Metal, etc. etc.

The pedal is used for volume, but when clicked on the toe switch, it becomes wah. I beleive there's a way to toggle effects using the pedal, but I dont know how. The pedal comes with a ToeDownChorus effect when used with my amp, and it bassically toggles chorus with the pedal pushed down, etc.

I love this little thing, it's invaluble for live performances when you gotta change up tones quick, but music is in the ear of the beholder so. Hope this helped!
yeah i think im gonna get it. i'll play around with the downloads and see what i can do with it. if i dont like itm i'll sell it

The FBV foot controllers do not work with spider 15 watt or 30 watt amplifiers (only those with higher wattages).
I use one with my 30 III practice amp. It's worth the money. It also has a tuner.