So, I found this Yamaha EG112C at a fleamarket about a month ago. It's a pretty good player for a cheap guitar and today I decided to dress it up a bit and maybe give it a slight attitude adjustment. Nothing earth shattering, just a fresh new look and some low cost upgrades along the way. Thought I would share some photos with the gang at UG. Here's the guitar...

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The idea was to take this plain looking yet functionally solid guitar and give it a facelift without spending a load of cash. I stopped at the store and found a can of Krylon's Fusion spraypaint for plastic. I plan to paint the pickguard and back trem cover. So off comes the pickguard...

...and the back cover.

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Everything will have to be removed from the guard for painting. Here's the pile of parts lying in the huge swimming pool route. That big hole may come in handy some day if I decide to change the pickups.

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While the strings are off I'm giving the dry looking rosewood fretboard a little TLC. A friend gave me some fretboard conditioning wipes made by Ernie Ball. They work well and the rosewood sucks the stuff right up.

Here's another shot of the fretboard and the new shielding in the pickup route. I'll shield the underside of the pickguard when the paint has cured.

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I roughed up the smooth plastic with 0000 steel wool to give the paint something to bond to. I considered going with a leaf camo paintjob on the guard and even had some ideas about a snakeskin pattern but decided to stay with basic black. I've never owned a guitar with a black guard and white pickups and I really like that look. I figure I can always repaint if I'm not happy with the black. The paint job turned out beautifully.

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Now comes the hard part...waiting for the paint to fully cure. The can says it takes seven days! I doubt that I'll make it that long but I'm going to try. During the waiting period I'll finish the shielding in the control cavity. I need to adjust the nut height slightly but that has to wait until I get everything back together.
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that pickguard and back cover look good! are you going to refinish/ strip the body?
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Thanks rocker, I'm real happy with the way the pastic parts look. The body is in good shape and I'm a black guitar fan, especially black on black, so I don't plan to refin the body this time around. Just a full shield job internally. Now that I've seen the electronics from the inside I'm even more surprised that the guitar sounds as good as it does. Maybe it's the metal baseplates on the singlecoils that give them their tone?
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Man I need to rehab my 112. It needs new fur, new switch, and some more random odds 'n ends.

Wait! Your guitar is growing fur?
Here's what the shielding looks like so far. I also did the back of the pickguard and took the nut off for adjustment. Just some final grounding to go before reassembly. Paint should dry for another 2 days.

OK. The work is done. I had to lower the nut slightly to improve action and the glue is drying. Photo time!


yeah great job, didn't know it was possible to spray the scratchplate. might do this with my squier tomorrow, going to get a new one soon anyway as there are a few little cracks so if it goes wrong it doesnt matter.
Thanks very much. The new look along with the action job has really transformed this guitar. I played it tonight through a friend's Marshall JCM900 and it performed well. The Marshall seemed to especially like the humbucker position and the neck/mid split.
Now I need to remove the cheap-o strings and install something nicer. I played it all day yesterday and my fingers are killing me! Ha! I didn't want to change the strings until I got the action just right.
Did you use a specific paint to spray the pickguard and anything else I'd need to know if I were to do it on my squier?
Darkdevil725: These cheap Yamahas are no joke! Great bang-4-buck for sure. They'd make a great first guitar.(wish my first guitar was this good!)Or in this case a fun backup beater.

Here's a sound sample of the tone I had going on last night..."Free World Clip" http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/deluthe/music/all/play855824 The lead part is the Yamaha in the humbucker position...and this is with the garbage strings that are probably 3 years old and half rusted over! Can't wait to hear it with fresh strings.

dannyyy: Yeah, I used Krylon Fusion spray paint. Says on the can that it can be used on plastic. Definately sand the shine off the pickguard before you paint so it has something to bond to. I used fine steel wool and it seemed to work very well. You don't want to use coarse sand paper or the finished paint job may show the grooves.
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You should try out the wiring mod I did to mine, I rigged it up to have the bridge and neck pup have seperate volumes, like a les paul or something. That way you can have a lead and rhythm volume selection. It's pretty cool. Although If you try to do the killswitch type thing that you can do in a gibby, it's really clicky just do to the way it's switched. I can get an awesome little tone with the bridge pickup/middle combo and the middle (who's volume is controlled off the neck) turned in just a bit. you could delete your tone control and just use the tone pot as a volume (so you don't have to buy another pot and drill a hole).

Leviman: Thanks for the wiring ideas. That type of modification(low cost)would be a good fit for this project. I originally considered reshaping the headstock too, but I wanted to see if the guitar was worth the effort. I need to do some drawings and come up with a style that I like. I want to have a good plan before I start.
Nice. I want to repaint my eg112c too but I dont know how. Can you tell me what kind of paints I should be using?