Well, i got an epiphone SG Standard, basically it is like the SG G-400 but the nut width is 1.68" instead of 1.6" and probably just the finish but anyways my question.

The pickups as most you know are poo, so since i am 14 and don't have $$, i am just going to change the bridge pickup. I thinking of getting the SD SH-8 Invader. I like the sound of the invader, the output of it and everything that it would bring to my SG. My second choice would be the SH-14 custom 5 or the SH-11 custom custom. but the invader is my first choice by far.

I am wondering if the Invader will compliment the mahogany wood body and neck, and give my Epi SG some balls and crunch. I bought the guitar at Long & Mcquade, like the guitar centre of Canada but i find that the workers care more about their customers and actually know a lot about electronics and guitars. Anyways, when i bought the guitar, they gave me a free set-up which i haven't used yet. So i was wondering if it would also be a smart decision to use the free setup which includes a free re-string also to put some Ernie Ball .10 and while the strings are off to get them to change the bridge pickup.

Any finally my gear:

Amp: Sorta like this one, http://www.traynoramps.com/products.asp?type=3&cat=63&id=170

So, instead of Dual 12” Celestion 70/80 speakers, i have 4 10" Celestion 80 speakers, 4 power tubes, 3 pre-amp tubes, 80 watts of pure tube construction, 2 channels

Anyways, the amp was over $1000, but was marked down to $400 because some guy bought it and didn't use it for a year, so he returned it and then long & mcquade put it out on 3 rentals for a year or so, so its roughly 2 and half years old. Pretty damn good deal to me than being a line 6.

Guitar: http://www.long-mcquade.com/products/1167/Guitars/Electric/Epiphone/SG_Standard_Ebony_with_Chrome_Hardware.htm

thats the mcquade site to the guitar i bought

I just want a new pickup to make my beautiful amp Roar on that first channel.
Seymour Duncan Invaders are awfully muddy, and aren't versatile. I'd recommend a JB.

Try this too. http://www.dimarzio.com/site/#/pickuppicker/
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