I've been playing bass for almost 1month with finger style, what i wanna ask is how do you guys do finger style without the nail hitting the string?i've tried trimming my nails and still the nail sound is sometimes there. My middle finger sound good, its just my index finger nail always catch the strings.

i've also tried many finger style position with my thumb anchored on the pickups, the only position that my nails don't get the strings is to move my finger way back toward the bridge, thumb still anchored at pickup. Means i have to stretch my finger wide open so that nails dont get the strings so often, but then it doesnt don't so natural, and hard to play fast.

Izzit because my middle finger got thicker pad and index got thinner pad?Any suggestions or tips?
I had the same problem alot when I first started. I might be because you're bending your finger too much when you're plucking. Try keeping your fingers more straight, and kinda brush your fingers through the strings, instead of actually trying to pull on them. My brother is learning to play right now, and he has the same problem too. Keep practicing, you'll find a way that's both comfortable and sounds good to you.
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where is the correct position for my index n middle finger?is it on top of the pickup that the thumb anchor?Thank you for the tips commabass
problem is i don't like the nail sound, i like a deep full tone. So i still pick right above the bridge?
stroke the strings with your fingers instead of pulling them. You don't have to hit them hard.
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bridge = mid punch neck=warmer sound

look for your own sweet spot and try different positions.
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