Hey guys, I need some advice..

I went to a Peter Frampton concert this past weekend, and my mind was completely blown away.. His style is so amazing, and that Gibson Custom is gorgeous

But he gave me the inspiration to want to play with a talk box..

I have a Gibson Melody Maker, and 200W Peavy Tube amp, and I don't want to buy a PA system. Could I just buy a Rocktron Banshee 2 and play on that one amp with my one guitar? I'm low on funds and can't afford to buy alot of new equipment right now, but I really want to play around with a talkbox,

If you could, reply on here, or my email is colbyr78@yahoo.com


classic talk boxes actually have a speaker which is driven by your amp, which created their name as "amp killers" because if the speaker died and you didn't know it, just put on some nsync, because that amp is bye bye

other ones that don't work this way are usable but won't sound quite the same as i recall, but do some research and see what you find, this is just based off my limited knowledge on the subject
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