If you are a musician or singer in the state of Virginia and want to be in a band fill out this thing and post it as a reply. This is the same as the NC thread except for Virginia residents.

Name: (you only need first)
Gender: (male or female only)
Age: (don't lie here. This is for finding ppl to play with, and most people would not appreciate it if you lied)
Location: (City or Town) (For finding people)
Instrument (s): (if applicable)
Singer: (if applicable) (also, try to explain your style, IE, growling, clean, etc)
Currently in a Band: (yes or no)
Looking for a New Band: (yes or no)
Styles you like to play: (self explanatory)
What your band needs: (in terms of like, Singer, Drummer, etc. Don't rant about how you have ****ty gear)
Members in Band: (how many, what instruments, etc)

Name: John/Raven
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Location: Lunenburg, Nottoway, Prince Edward, Richmond Area, Amelia (looking in all areas of those)
Instruments: Guitar
Singer: not a singer
Currently in Band: No
Looking For New Band: Yes
Style You play: Metal, Hard Rock, Shred, Grunge
Band needs: Drums, Bass, Keyboard, Singer, maybe 2nd guitarist
Members in Band: none yet