i know that you can fiddle around with feedback effects with distortion and change positions in reference to the speaker playing the note in order to change notes, but is it even possible to do this on clean? no real reason, just curious

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Not exactly sure what you're asking, but I'll do my best to answer...

When on clean, you can still change the Treble and Bass, just like in distortion, and you can also change the tone and gain, although it's a little more subtle. You can also add different effects to clean, just like in distorted.

A lot of what you can do to a clean sound depends on your gear, for example, my amp will let me do anything to clean that I can do to distortion, but in my old amp (which completely sucked) some of the effects wouldn't work with clean.

Over all, from what I've found, you should be able to change anything in clean as you can with distortion, just a little more subtley.
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are you asking can you achieve "feedback" from clean?
i can if i turn my amp up VERY loud on the clean channel, it's not the nicest and I don't find it very controllable. i dont know any methods but i would say if you want to acheive extreme feedback it wouldnt be true clean though you would need a small boost of gain somewhere in the rig.

im not quite sure what you are actaully asking, so sorry if my answer has nothing to do with your question